Angenieux EZ1 & EZ2 zoom lenses

EZ1 30-90mm T2 in S35 mode/45-135mm T3 in Full Frame mode
EZ2 15-40mm T2 in S35 mode/22-60mm T3 in Full Frame mode

-PL & EF mount
-Small lightweight cinema lenses

A quick test comparing the Angenieux EZ-1 30-90mm with the Angenieux DP 16-42mm and Zeiss CP2 Superspeed prime for comparison.
Test incudes:
-Overall sharpness and distortion
-Centre sharpness
-Edge sharpness
-Flare (DP & EZ-1 only)
-Rough skintone (very rough, using overhead fluorescent lights)
-Low light comparison